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Norton Antivirus Installation

Norton is the anti-virus software development company that deals with critical issues of system such as Data protection, Endpoint protection, Database Security, Mobile security, network security and compliance, email and web security, security management and event management, Security asn service dispute its engagement with various fields. The new and latest version of norton antivirus is the best in the market and is very effective in removal of any malware and virus,

Norton antivirus comes with various features such as

  • Protection upto 10 personal computers, Androids, Macs and IOS devices
  • Provides tools for parental control for safe surfing for kids over internet
  • Automatically safeguards the user identity and protects online transaction
  • Provides upto 25 GB cloud backup
  • Sends alert messages in case of threat attack and tries to clean the virus
  • Sends periodic notification for frequent updates and downloads when available for the users
  • Norton guarrenties 100% virus protection to your systems.

The above features depict that norton antivirus is the industry leader with proven expertise in the curtailing the threats and virus from the internet. So it is insisted to make this excellent product yours and secure your all connected devices.

You may wonder how do I buy this excellent product, we are here to help you. All you need is to sit back and follow our instructions below and buy your product at ease and secure your systems within minutes.

Follow the below steps and setup your norton antivirus
  • Go to website and activate the Norton account from signing up .
  • Now enter the sign in page and enter your email address and password in the spaces provided correctly
  • After entering the login page click on the purchase product and choose your desired payment and purchase the product
  • After the purchasing the product logging in will not directly install the product. So now click any of the two options that is Install on this device or Install on the other device and you will get the exe file
  • Click on the downloaded file and double click on the exe file
  • Once the installation is done click on the activate product and the norton antivirus setup automatically activates itself and your antivirus is ready to safeguard your systems
Reinstallation of the Norton antivirus with product key
  • In case of the glitch it is advised to re install the norton antivirus setup will solve the issue
  • To re install the norton antivirus go to website and log in with your norton account
  • In the login page click on the devices that need the product key (product key can also be found under service tab)
  • Copy the product key paste in the device and your norton antivirus will be ready within seconds
How to install Norton antivirus on android device?
  • Go to google play store and search for norton security app
  • Select the norton security app and click install
  • After installation please agree the Terms and conditions after reading them
  • In the app click on the sign-in button and login with your norton account username and password
  • The app automatically signs into your account and verifies your credentials and become fully functional and your device will be secured instantly
  • For further assistance please call our experts and help us to serve you better.

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