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How antivirus helps in countering the virus?

If the user has the newest updated software package within the system, the software package gets attacked instantly by virus such virus are killed by the installed antivirus software package that protects the system from additional damage. During this process the system may show many unusual response such as:

When the computer is infected with the virus, it is specifically programmed to delete the user information and send constant to the creator for misusage. typically the virus reformats the disk and causes frequent drive crashes exposing several vital hardware parts to perform abruptly and should cause the permanent problem to the system that can't be recoverable .

How to stay protected from the virus?

It is highly recommended to have the best antivirus installed in the system to safeguard the system to fight against dangerous virus present out there. It is required to install Norton antivirus/setup in the system. Since Norton is the global leader in developing antivirus software from past two decades making it the world leader in antivirus products.

Some of the other points to be noted that

What is a Malware?

It is a short malicious software created by the hackers to perform the specific task of affecting the systems. Malware is basically created to install in the system without user knowledge to steals the personal information. Malware basically attacks the systems with two ways:

How to remove the malware?

The customers can remove the malware by installing the latest Norton antivirus/setup antivirus software. On installing this software the user can detect the malware and delete the same within minutes safeguard the system against the detected malware.

How to scan your PC with Norton antivirus-quick scan on antivirus?

One can protect the system from getting affected by the malware by taking the necessary precautions for security like avoiding suspicious files like attachments, downloads, websites, videos etc. Further, installing and updating the latest anti-malware software for instant detection of the malware.

Contact Norton Technical team and get immediate help then set your gadgets free from a wide range of computerized dangers!

Steps to protect your system from virus and threats

Regular checking of windows logs:

Make sure to check the windows logs every day so that one can have a complete monitoring of the system activity. If users find the abnormal activity of logoffs and log on without their knowledge then the system might be attacked by a virus or a malware.

Keep the system update:

The manufacturers provide frequent updates to their systems, it is advised to check the available updates on a daily basis. Once the updates are available to make sure to install them at the earliest as they might be having some patches and programmes that can be helpful for the security of the system from the possible threats and viruses

Routine Norton-antivirus/setup virus scan:

It is advice to users to do a routine virus scan on daily basis after checking the updates. This virus cleaning checks for the possible viruses and malware in the system and if present then the antivirus detects and deletes the threats instantly.


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